Canceling requests of borrowing from other organizations

Requests of material borrowing from other organizations are canceled if they become no longer necessary.


  • The library may cancel some requests because of some reasons such that the library (you usually use) holds the corresponding material.

Requests that can be canceled

Requests can be canceled only if they are still under request and the library does not request other organizations for borrowing.


Cancel requests in the following procedure.

  1. In the Under request section of My Library, tap or click a requested material.

    The list of requested materials is shown.

  2. Tap or click [Cancel request].

    Request of multiple materials can be canceled at one time. Check the boxes of the materials and tap or click [Cancel request] at the top of the page.

  3. Follow the instruction shown on the page.


  • The [Cancel request] button and the checkboxes are enabled only for the materials whose requests can be canceled.
  • Multiple materials can be selected only when they are shown in a page. Those in different pages cannot be selected at one time.