Materials to be borrowed from other organizations

The current status of the materials requested to borrow from Other facility is confirmed in My Library.

How to confirm the requested materials

The materials under request and the ones you are borrowing currently are shown in My Library.

Materials under request

The number of the requested materials is shown in the Under request list in My Library.

Tapping or clicking of the materials shows the list of the requested materials and their details.


  • If the library currently stores the material and it becomes ready to be borrowed, the information is shown in My Library. For details, refer to Notices from the library.

Materials you are borrowing currently

The number of materials borrowed from other organizations is shown in My Library.

Tapping or clicking the material shows the list of all the materials borrowed from other organizations and their details.


  • If some materials will be due soon or the due date of some materials already expires, the corresponding messages are shown in My Library. For details, refer to Notices from the library.

Contents in the list

In the list of the requested materials, the current status of the materials, the number of materials and their details are shown.

Status of request and the number of materials

The number of materials is shown for each status of request outlined below:

  • Overdue:
    Overdue materials
  • Due date coming soon:
    Materials that will be due soon
  • Borrowing:
    Materials you are borrowing from other organizations
  • Arrived:
    Requested materials becoming ready to be borrowed
  • Under request:
    Requested materials that are not ready yet to be borrowed
  • Canceled:
    Materials whose request is canceled
  • All:
    All of the requested materials


  • The status types vary depending on the library settings.
  • The information of the canceled requests is shown for the term set by the library.


List of requested materials and their details

The requested materials are shown in a list of each status of request.

The list shows the information outlined below. The contents vary depending on the request status or library settings.

Material information

The titles,authors and other information are shown.

Request number

The request number issued when the request is done is shown.

Fee/payment section

The fee for borrowing and the section to pay it are shown.

Due date

The date when you must return the material is shown.
If you do not borrow the material and the due date expires, the materials will be sent back to the organizations and the request will be done.

Message to you

The messages below are shown depending on the request status.

  • Reminder of return (for overdue materials)
  • Attention according to the days left to the due date

Available operations on the material list page

In the material list page, the following operations are available.

Material list on status of request

The material lists can be switched according to the following status of request.

  • Overdue
  • Due date coming soon
  • Borrowing
  • Arrived
  • Under request
  • Canceled
  • All

Tap or click the status to view the list.


  • The status varies depending on the library settings.

Canceling requests

Request of borrowing from organizations can be canceled.


  • The library may cancel some requests because of some reasons such that the library (you usually use) holds the corresponding material.


Switching material lists

In the material list page, the contents can be changed to show the following:

Number of items

The maximum number of items shown on a page can be set. The number of items is greater than the specified one, they are shown in multiple pages.

Page turning

If materials are shown in two or more pages, tap or click the icons [|‹] (top), [‹‹] (previous page), [››] (next page) or [›|] (last) for moving pages.

You may also enter the page number to jump to the corresponding page.

Moving to other status list

The following pages are shown from the material list page.

  • List of materials borrowed from the library
  • List of the reserved materials
  • List of materials to be photocopied in other organizations

Going back to My Library

You may go back to the My Library page.