Searching materials in virtual bookshelves

Virtual bookshelves are online bookshelves classified and arranged according to certain rules. The names of bookshelves and the rules are set by the library.

In the same manner as actual bookshelves, materials neighboring the target one can be referenced, which enables you to search materials with similar contents. Two or more bookshelves are offered depending on the library settings and the same material might be placed in different virtual bookshelves.


  • Materials are put in virtual bookshelves only if they are held in the library (you usually use).

How to reference materials in virtual bookshelves

If bookshelves are shown in the material detail page, the corresponding material is placed in a virtual bookshelf. The neighboring materials can also be referenced.

Tap or click the icons [<] and [>] to show different pages.

Tapping or clicking the cover thumbnail (cover image) or information of a material opens the material details.