Material search

LIMEDIO provides various functions to search materials easily, quickly and concisely. The information of the searched materials is also utilized for further operations.

Below describes the available functions for material search.

Options for various users

Various methods are provided to search materials. The suitable one can be selected according to target material types, purposes or preference.


Search result list

The materials satisfying the specified conditions are shown in a list.

The materials in the list can be sorted or refined to get to destination materials quickly.

Clicking the material title links in the list show the details.


Request for materials

You can request materials to libraries by using the search results.

Reserving materials

Materials can be reserved by using search results. Login to LIMEDIO is required.


Obtaining materials

You can request borrowing or photocopying of materials held in other organization to the library by using search results. Login to LIMEDIO is required.


Information used for later operations

The details of search results are utilized by using the following function.

Bookmarking materials

Bookmarks are attached to the information of materials in search results for the later operations.