Reserving materials

The materials in the library (you usually use) can be reserved for borrowing.


  • Material reservation is a service only for limited users. To enable reservation, you are required to be registered as a user for the service.

Reservable materials

Materials can be reserved only when they are borrowed by someone else currently.

Reservable materials are shown with the [Reserve] buttons in the search result list or material detail page.

If the library holds two or more copies of the same material and one or more of them remain in the library, you may borrow it, which enables you to get the material earlier than you reserve it.


Material reservation is done in the following procedure:

  1. In the search result list or material detail page, tap or click the [Reserve] button of the corresponding material.

    The window to input necessary information opens.

  2. Follow the instruction shown in the window to register reservation information.


  • To reserve materials, login to LIMEDIO is required.
  • If you set the reservation due date and the material is not prepared by the date, the system automatically cancels the corresponding reservation.
  • Even if the [Reserve] button is shown, the corresponding material may not be reserved depending on your user status (such as penalties), material status, rules on borrowing or their combinations.

Confirming reservation status

The current status of the materials you reserved is confirmed via the following:

My Library

When the material becomes ready to be borrowed, the message is shown in My Library. The number of materials you are reserving currently is shown in the Under request section. All the reservation information is shown in the list opened via My Library. For details, refer to Reserved materials.

Reservation number

When reservation is done, the reservation number is issued. Give the number to the library to inquire the reservation status.