Available services

Below are available users, service hours, available languages and available browsers.


All the users who can access to the library website are available for material search.

My Library is available only for the users registered in the library. Login authentication is required to use My Library.

Some functions of the services are not available for users. The available functions are shown separately when you log in.


  • Registration for using the library and the service functions is done by library staff.

Service hours

Basically, material search and My Library are available anytime except the time for the nighttime system maintenance.


  • The services are not available if the library halts the system on account of long leave or some other reasons.


You can select Japanese or English for the service interface. If you select Japanese, all items such as page titles, messages or buttons are shown in Japanese. If you select English, they are all shown in English.

When you input letters to search materials or to specify search conditions and others, Russian, Chinese, Hangeul and other languages are available besides Japanese and English. The input letters are shown in the window without any change.


The following browsers are recommended to run LIMEDIO on. The web pages might not be shown correctly on other browsers.


  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox current version
  • Google Chrome current version
  • Safari current version

Android mobile phones

  • Google Chrome current version


  • Safari current version