Materials with bookmarks

The materials with bookmarks are confirmed.

How to confirm the material with bookmarks

Tapping or clicking [Bookmark list] shows the bookmark list.

The list contents vary depending on login status.

When you are logged in:

The list of materials with bookmarks registered as My bookmark is shown. The information of the materials in this list is not removed even though the session is closed, and it can be used in the next session.

When you are not logged in:

The list of temporary bookmarks is shown, which is removed after the session is closed.

Contents in the bookmark list page

The bookmark list page shows the following information.

Number of materials with bookmarks

The number of materials with bookmarks is shown.

In addition the current page fives the information of the position out of the total items, which means from where and to where of the materials are shown in the current page.

Material information

For the materials in the list, the following information and control buttons are shown.

Book/journal data (condensed)

The titles, authors or other condensed information of the materials with bookmarks are shown. The information varies depending on the library settings.

Material types

The material types and their image icons are shown.


  • The cover thumbnails are shown for some materials depending on material types or offer of the corresponding thumbnails.

Control buttons

The buttons for the available operations are shown, which depends on material types, library settings and your status.

Available operations on the bookmark list page

The following operations are available in the bookmark list page.

Some of the operations are not available, depending on the library settings, material types and your status.

Showing the details

Tapping or clicking a material title opens its details.


Reserving materials

Materials can be reserved for borrowing. Login to LIMEDIO is required.


Requesting materials by their information

Borrowing or photocopying materials held in other organizations is requested to the library. Login to LIMEDIO is required.


Refining the materials

When there are a lot of materials with bookmarks in the list, the materials can be refined by selecting an option, such as the ones outlined below.

  • Bookshelf
  • Bookmark registration date
  • Author
  • Publication year


  • The options vary depending on the library settings.

Changing additional information of bookmarks

Bookshelves and memos set to bookmark information can be changed.


Removing bookmarks from the list

The bookmark information can be deleted from the list. Multiple materials can be removed at one time.



  • Removing bookmarks from the list does not delete the material information.

Changing how to show the list

The bookmark list is shown in several different ways described below.

Different sort

Changing the sorting options shows the list in different ways. For example, the following sorting options can be selected.

  • Registration (from the latest)
  • Publication year
  • Title
  • Author


  • Available options depend on the library settings.

Number of items

The maximum number of items shown on a page can be set. The number of items is greater than the specified one, they are shown in multiple pages.

Page turning

If materials are shown in two or more pages, tap or click the icons [|‹] (top), [‹‹] (previous page), [››] (next page) or [›|] (last) for moving pages.

You may also enter the page number to jump to the corresponding page.


  • The maximum number of materials shown in a page can be set in My Library. For details of the method, refer to Changing service settings.