Security policy

In LIMEDIO, disclosure of operations in the system, leakage of personal information and spoofing are prevented through the following measures.

Login authentication

LIMEDIO authenticates users by entering personal account information for login.

When you start the operations for which authentication is required, the login authentication page will be shown. The login status will be retained until you log out.

When you finish using the services, please be sure to log out.

The service contents vary depending on the users. To authenticate users, the system must clarify who is operating it. For example, if a material is requested, the system must perceive the user who requests the material, which prevents impersonation.

Communication with servers

Communication on the Internet is encrypted by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.


  • If SSL is disabled on the browser, My Library will be unavailable.

Session administration

LIMEDIO recognizes the operations listed below as delimiters of sessions (completion of a session).

  • Clicking [Close] to go back to the top
  • Logging out of the service

The system regards a session as an operation by a single user. In a session, bookmarks or last search results are maintained. If a session is closed, the bookmarks or the last search results will be discarded.


  • If a specified time lapses without doing any operations, the session will be closed automatically. If you are logged in, the closure of a session will log you out automatically.
  • No special operation is provided to start a session. The closure of the last session starts the next one.

The usability is improved by cookies. Enable cookies on your browser.

A cookie is small text data sent to the browser from the server. By using cookies for communication between browsers and the server, effective operation environment is provided. The service does not use personal information on cookies.

Management by users

No matter how strict the system manages security, if you do not pay attention to it, leakage of personal information or impersonation are not prevented.

For managing security, be sure to ensure the following notes:


  • Keep your passwords private.
  • Never leave the browser if you are logged in. Be sure to close the session and log out before you leave the browser.